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Watch Your Favorite 
Global Channels 
WITHOUT bulky satellite dishes,
 WITHOUT multiple cables running through your house

  • Satellite BG offers an innovative, convenient, and hassle-free and best of all economical way for the whole family to view variety of Global channels. 
  • This package includes over 200 Bulgarian, Greek, Serbian and Russian channels  a total of 550 International channels (Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian and Greek)
  • You will love the flexibility of watching high quality from ALL channels without the need of running cables throughout your house or having a bulky dish on your roof.
  • With IPTV IPTV Set-Top Box MAG-322W1, you can take the box with you anytime, anywhere and watch your favorite channels and never miss your favorite shows or sports games
All you need is an Internet downstream bandwidth of 5.00 Mbit/s or higher for the smoothest playback experience.

If you want an impressive home theater on a budget, then the IPTV Set-Top Box MAG-322W1 is the choice for you. The IPTV Set-Top Box MAG-322W1, sold by Satellite BG, is user-friendly, and you can take it anywhere and connect to any television in a location with Internet access.

All content is always available to our subscribers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We broadcast from 5.00Mbps to 15.00Mbps.

It is guaranteed to be the best quality you can find anywhere!

Don’t waste anymore time! Contact SatelliteBG now 

Find out how you can start watching Global television 
Conveniently, hassle-free, and all at a low price!
Subscription plan Price
Purchase of IPTV Set-Top Box MAG-322W1 $109.95 (one time fee)
3 month subscription $74.95 
SATELLITEBG ACCEPT PAYMENT FROM CUSTOMERS ONLY WITH MAG-254,254W1,254W2 OR MAG-322,322W1,322W2,323.Please check your Mag device before making a payment.