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Triple LNB

The Phase III 18" x 20" almost round multi-satellite dish that is compatible with all DIRECTV®satellite receivers. It is a triple LNB satellite dish antenna that will receive Standard Definition broadcasts and local-to-local in some markets. The integrated 5x4 Multiswitch makes it easy to connect the dish to up to 4 receivers, improving wire management and saving time.
The Phase III dish is designed to give many years of viewing pleasure. These satellite dish antennas are designed and engineered to stand up to the severest of weather and atmospheric conditions without rusting, not to mention that the dish can withstand 50 - 75 mph winds.

  • Two dual output LNBs for optimal signal strength
  • One Sat C LNB for addional programming
  • Digital-quality picture and sound
  • Connect to multiple receivers throughout your home
  • Metal construction for maximum durability
  • Multi-satellite dish antenna with a third LNB (up to 4 receivers)
  • Proven quality in cold-weather applications
  • 2 SAT-A (101°), 2 SAT-B (119°), 1 SAT-C (110°)
  • Digital-quality picture and sound
  • Built-in 5x4 integrated multiswitch
  • Shipping weight is 12.5 pounds
  • We suggest a meter for alignment of this dish, Click Here for our recommendation
  • This is NOT the most current DIRECTV Dish - To get ALL the HD being broadcast please look at the SL5 Satellite Dish