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3X4 Multiswitch

  • Tin-plated Die-Cast housing
  • LNB's switched by 13-14V/17-18V from the coaxial cable
  • SAT/TV/FM/AM Signal combined at 4 outputs; Ideal for SAT/TV/FM Signals through one cable
  • Cable powering from Sat Receiver to LNB
  • 40dB Rejection between LNB inputs and Antenna Input to avoid Antenna disturbed from LNB
Inputs Specifications:
  • Frequency Range: 40-2050 MHz
  • Insertion Loss: LNB Out -4dB Nom.
  • Ant. Out 16dB Nom.
  • Isolation 20dB typical
  • DC Pass thru current
  • Power consumption 70 mA
Use a dual LNBF and 1 dish to operate 4 satellite receivers. You can also use this switch along with diplexers to combine both satellite and off-air/cable signals in the same wire!