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8&1 DiSEqC switch

DiSEqC switches is one of the greatest things that's happened to satellite.  But sometimes there is a need to connect more than 2 dishes or 4 dishes. Now you can connect up to 8 dishes or LNBFs on one device.  
So, for you guys that have real dish farms, this is for you.  Use this switch to connect up to 8 LNBFs.  If that isn't enough for you, use two 8x1 DiSEqC switches and one of our 22KHz switches to switch between the two 8x1 DiSEqC switches.  Now you've got up to 16 LNBFs connected to one receiver.   
Isolation: 30dB Insertion Loss: 3dB
Always power down your receiver before connecting or dis-connecting DiSEqC switches to avoid damaging your switch.