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SWM-8 Single Wire Multi-Switch


Detailed Description

Commercial Grade
SWM-8 Single Wire Multi-Switch (8 Channel SWM)
This is the SWM-8 Multisiwtch from DIRECTV, it allow you to distributed the DIRECTV signal via one cable. For use with a 5LNB DIRECTV Dish "Slimline" With this switch you can run one line from your dish to your DVR. This eight channel single wire multiswitch also allows any transponder form any satellite input to be independently selected and distributed via one of eight designated SWM output frequency channels.
This Kit Includes:
1 SWM-8 Multiswitch 

1 Power Inserter.
1 (8) way SWM Splitterter.

SWM-8 Multiswitch and Power Inserter

Basic requirements for the SWM8:
In order to successfully install the SWM 8 Multiswitch you will need:
  • A Slimeline Satellite Dish (AT9 or Au9) from Directv with 4 output lnb, the (SL5) 5LNB or the (SL3) 3LNB
  • A SWM Compatible Receiver 
The Compatible Receivers for the SWM-8 are:

SD Receiver
  • D12
  • D13
SD DVRs Receivers
  • R16
  • R22
  • R23
HD Receivers
  • H20
  • H21
  • H22
  • H23
  • H24 
  • H25
HD DVRs Receivers
  • HR20
  • HR21
  • HR22
  • HR23
  • HR34