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SatelliteBG Standard Dual C-Band LNB 13K



Input Frequency 3.4 ~ 4.2GHz
Output Frequency 950 ~ 1750 MHz
LO Frequency 5.15 GHz (5150 MHz)
LO Frequency Stability 1.5 MHz @ -40C to +60C
Noise Figure 13K (Typ.)
Conversion Gain 65dB (Typ.)
Output VSWR 2.0:1 (Max.)
V/H Isolation 23dB (Min.)
Image Rejection 40dB (Typ.)
P 1dB Gain Compression -5dB (Min.)
Phase Noise -75dBc/Hz (1 KHz)
Vertical Horizontal Switch Control (V) 11.5v to 14.2vdc, (H) 15.5vdc to 21.0vdc
Output Connector 75 ohm F type