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Zinwell 6x8 Multiswitch WB68


Need More Receivers!! 

The Zinwell 6x8 Multiswitch WB68, MS6X8WB-Z is a DIRECTV Approve Multiswitch design for DIRECTV High Definition, This Multiswitch is Capable of giving you up to 8 outputs allowing you to add additional receiver. This DIRECTV Multiswitch is great for adding additional DVR's, Don't get stock receiving programming on just 2 or 4 receivers.
  • This Zinwell 6x8 Multiswitch WB68, MS6X8WB-Z is a Directv Approved Product.
  • Use this new WB68, MS6X8WB-Z Multiswitch with the new SlimLine or the AT9 5 LNB DirecTV Satellite Dish.
  • The WB68, MS6X8WB-Z Multiswitch Uses all four outputs from the Slimeline DISH, plus optional inputs from up to two additional dishes.
  • The WB68, MS6X8WB-Z Multiswitch Provides a total of eight outputs
  • This WB68, MS6X8WB-Z Multiswitch uses MPEG-4/HD technology.
  • This DIRECTV Multiswitch has Excellent Isolation.
  • The WB68, MS6X8WB-Z Multiswitch is a passive multiswitch powered only by the connected satellite receivers.
  • The WB68, MS6X8WB-Z Multiswitch has a Wideband frequency multiswitch: 250-750 Mhz, 950-1450 Mhz, 1650-2150 Mhz    
  • This DIRECTV Multiswitch is waterproof, Guaranteed.
  • Light Weight Design Multiswitch.
  • This DIRECTV Multiswitch has a Wide Band Frequency KU KA Phase 3. 
  • Works with all DIRECTV Receivers and Disches